Women’s Imaging Module discusses endometriosis

JPR 2019

Lecturers and coordinators of the module


Yesterday, the Women’s Imaging module was dedicated to a disease with a high prevalence among women, which affects one in ten at reproductive age and can cause chronic pelvic pain, in addition to infertility: Endometriosis. The so-called “Endometriosis Consensus” was moderated by the coordinators of the module: Drs. Jacob Szenfeld, Patricia Prando Cardia and Ayrton Roberto Pastore.

The idea was to present, quite objectively – since each lecturer took 5 to 10 minutes – several topics in the image related to the diagnosis of endometriosis, making the evaluation of the disease in an organized way, through an algorithm, creating diagnostic criteria and severity so that everyone can speak the same language, between radiologists and surgeons.

“With the course format, the speaker needs to present the most important points of the theme, always with the concern that the audience will absorb the message,” explains Dr. Luciana Pardini Chamié (SP), one of the teachers of the Consensus. “We left the introductory part aside and that made the classes very productive,” says Dr. Jacob.

For Dr. Renata Antônio, from Fernandópolis (SP), the Consensus was very important, because endometriosis is a subject that began to develop more clearly recently. “To get more information, we have to find specialized courses that are quite expensive, often based only on the specialist’s vision of a method [ultrasonography or magnetic resonance]. The differential of the course at JPR was we had a very general vision, with the side of the experts in each method and also of the surgeons.”