Study Group is reproduced in JPR

Dr. Luiz Antônio Portela awards prizes to the winners; from left: 1st place – Dr. Vanille Lopes Rodrigues; 2nd place -Thiago Augusto Vasconcelos Miranda; 3rd place – Daniel de Faria Guimarães


The Neuroradiology module ends the event with the GENE session at JPR.

The traditional Neuroradiology Study Group (GENE), which meets monthly at Maksoud Plaza Hotel, has now brought its cases to the JPR discussion.

Each participant can bring a presentation of a case and apply to share it with the other participants. The great integration of the activity allows the participants to learn collectively with the experience of the other.

This year, three of the cases were awarded; there were also awards to the two best cases presented during the course of 2018, in the monthly meetings.

GENE was created in May 2007 and holds a large audience to this day.