Registration for JPR 2019 is open from October 8th to December 20th, 2018, only for SPR members, who receive the benefit of registration free of charge. After December 21th, everyone interested in participating may register. The deadline for all participants to carry out pre-enrollment in JPR 2019 is April 18th, 2019. After that, new registrations will be accepted only at the venue. It is worth mentioning that, in case the participant wants to join SPR, the process of membership must be made until April 10, 2019.

Attendance fees at JPR depend on the category that fits the participant and the date on which s/he registers. Fees by category are:

There are four ways to enrol in JPR 2019:

Online Registration

The user must access the registration link on the JPR 2019 website and follow the fill-in instructions. SPR members have the primary data automatically filled, with the option to update them. The user must also choose the name for the badge and the courses s/he will attend. Then, the participant will view the selected information and, if everything is correct, s/he must confirm the process, being directed to the payment screen. Confirmation of payment is made on time, and the receipt is sent 24 to 48 hours after the transaction to the attendee’s email.
It is important to go throughout in this online application process, which means first to view a completed enrollment instant message, and then receive a confirmation letter by email of the application issued by SPR. In the Online Registration mode, the form of payment is only by credit card, Master, Visa, Diners, Amex or Elo. For cards issued outside Brazil, it is recommended the account holder notify the card issuer that s/he is about to purchase on a Brazilian website, thus avoiding delays or cancellation of purchase for security reasons.

Registration by mail

The person must print the PDF version of the JPR 2019 registration form.pdf target and send it fulfilled to the SPR by mail along with the attached data from the credit card or check payable to the Sociedade Paulista de Radiologia. SPR address is 491, Paulista Avenue, conj. 31/32, CEP 01311-909, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. We emphasize that for this type of registration the process is only started when SPR receives the filled form, so the registration is subject to availability of vacancies at that time.

Registration by Fax

The person should print the PDF version of the JPR 2019 registration form (Incluir Hiperlink) and send it fulfilled by fax to SPR with the credit card data – the only accepted payment form for this option. The fax number is +55 11 5053-6364. We emphasize that for this type of registration the process is only started when SPR receives the filled form, so the registration is subject to availability of vacancies at that time.

At the SPR headquarters

Those who prefer can address to the SPR office to register in person. SPR is located at 491, Paulista Avenue, conj. 31/32, CEP 01311-909, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Attention: Non-medical attendees (technicians in radiology, technologists, biomedical, etc.) - lectures with medical content cannot be attended by non-medical professionals, according to article 1 of Federal Medical Council Resolution No. 1,718/2004. In this way, pay attention to the specific programming.

Free registration to SPR members

The benefit of exemption from enrollment fee is guaranteed to SPR members who are up to date with the payment of the 2018 and 2019 annuity and to those who perform it during the pre-enrollment period. SPR members who fail to pay their annuity until April X, 2019, will lose the JPR 2019 enrollment exemption benefit. In this case, to participate in the event, they will have to re-register at the event venue, paying the amount recommended in the registration form according to the time and place in force.

Limited vacancies

Vacancies at JPR 2019 are limited. SPR recommends that interested in participating register as soon as possible. Because of the physical limitations of places on the site and respecting safety standards, SPR does not guarantee the completion of registration after all spots are taken.


Members of organizations, medical students, postgraduate students, interns and residents should send their documents by fax: (+5511) 5053-6364 or email Accepted category receipts are: For members of other entities - declaration of payment compliance; for medical students, postgraduates and residents - enrollment certificate.

Badge in advance

Pre-registered participants may receive their badges in advance by post, the address provided on the registration. To do so, tick this option. We emphasize that the delivery of the badge is done after a receiver signs for it in the informed address. Those who live in houses should let someone advised to receive such material. Those residing in apartments should notify the concierge and periodically check with staff if there was a delivery. If a third party receives the badge, and the receipt is signed and registered to the deliverer, but the attendee claims s/he did not receive such document from that third party, SPR will charge a fee of R$ 100 for the issuance of a second copy. This condition is an irreversible security measure.


Doctors who obtained a Specialist Certificate or Certificate of Practice in Brazil after January 2006 must revalidate their certificate (CAP) every five years. Participation in JPR gives points that can be added to this process. If you wish to receive the points for renewal of the specialist title with the CNA-CAP, the enrollee must opt for this and pay the additional amount of 3% of your enrollment, which will be allocated entirely to the Brazilian Medical Association. This amount will be added to the amount to be paid in the chosen category.

Registrations transference

Registration at JPR 2019 is personal and not transferable. If a registered person cannot attend the event, s/he should request the cancellation of the registration and refund of the paid amount.

Cancellation Policy

Unsubscribing requests must be made by April Xth, 2019, to Until then, SPR will refund 70% of the paid amount for registration. For payments made by credit card, a refund will be credited on the card itself. For payments made by cash or check, a refund will be via deposit. In this case, it is essential the applicant send bank details along with the cancellation request. We emphasize cancellation requests made later than April Xth, 2019 will not be refunded.


JPR Attendance Certificates will be available in digital format only (PDF), 15 days after the event, on the SPR website. We emphasize that enrolling in JPR 2019 alone does not entitle to receive a participation certificate. To receive it, the attendee must have registered presence at the classroom door, when the room door receptionist digitally reads the participant badge barcode. To print the document, visit the congress website, select the "certificate" menu and enter your ID number.