“I’ll talk about how the Millennials influence Digital Radiology”

JPR 2019

“I’ve never been to JPR. It seems to me that it is a world-class event, which any radiology professional would like to participate in,” says Dr. Gonzalo Sepulveda, from Chile, a medical technologist with a specialty in radiology and medical physics.

He will conduct three lectures: “The first is a current and critical look at the Millenial generation and how its characteristics influence the era of Digital Radiology. I think it will be very interesting and innovative. The other two talks have to do with some details and secrets related to two techniques of dynamic exams in Radiology: hysterosalpingography, the difficult way of life; and urethrocistography in pediatrics, its technical aspects.”

For him, the diversification of participants from different regions is a real contribution to JPR: “It shows parallel realities and creates contrasts in front of themes common to all.”

Dr. Sepulveda holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from the University of Chile, a postgraduate course in Health and Education Innovations from Harvard Medical School, a diploma in Clinical Teaching from Andrés Bello University, a diploma in Scientific Research from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, is a Full Professor of Radiodiagnosis at the Universidad Andrés Bello and Coordinator of Teaching Radiology at UC-Christus Health Network.