Get to know the innovations of JPR 2019

JPR 2019

JPR 2019 will feature innovations that offer access to technology, interaction and lots of learning dynamically and interactively.


Innovation Village

It will offer small lectures on Artificial Intelligence and new businesses (startups) in Diagnostic Imaging. Located in the area of the Commented Panels, the village, coordinated by Drs. Thiago Júlio, Igor Santos, Felipe Nascimento and Renato Hoffmann Nunes, will have an open auditorium, allowing access to all interested parties and greater interaction with the public present and who is presenting the lectures.

There will also be more easy calls and chats on tables and side chairs, and startups will be able to answer questions and explain in detail how their solutions work.


Ultrasound Village

Located at the bottom of the technical exhibition, the village will be set in a small auditorium, with screens and up to four ultrasound equipment for the presentation of classes with a practical demonstration in the apparatuses, with models or phantoms.

Inspired by a similar initiative by the French Society of Radiology at its congress, the village was designed by Dr. Carlos Homsi, who will coordinate the content of Musculoskeletal Radiology with Dr. Mauro Brandão; Dr. André Paccielo Romualdo will coordinate Doppler and Elastography, and Dr. Antonio Rahal, Guided Image Intervention.

During the breaks, the screen will show classes from the previous day and also classes selected from the SPR Digital Video Library. The equipment of the participating companies will be on display so that attendees can visit them and to obtain more information on functionalities and differentials.


JPR Virtual

From the second day of the event, Virtual JPR will be available to all SPR members, even non-JPR members – an extra exclusive membership benefit! It will be possible to watch the main classes, plenary sessions, symposiums and discussions of the Ultrasound Village and the Innovation Village held the previous day, and so on, in the Restricted Area of the site.


1st Day of Interventional Radiology

This year, SPR created the 1st Interventional Radiology Conference, which will be held simultaneously with JPR 2019.


The program will present hands-on classes on May 2, lectures on May 3-5 and a foreign guest: Dr. Robert Suh, who is specialized in pulmonary ablation. If you want to participate and have not registered yet, you can select this activity when selecting your courses. Professionals associated with the Brazilian Society of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery (SOBRICE) have a discount on enrollment.

Coordinated by Drs. Antonio Rahal Junior, Denis Szejnfeld, Guilherme Cayres Mariotti and Guilherme Lopes Pinheiro Martins, the activity intends to advance much of what will be ahead: the area of ​​intervention promises to solidify even more in the coming years especially with the adoption of differentiated technologies, with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Participants will be able to get the best out of technology, and the innovations in the field tend to offer radiology.


New Course in Clinical Engineering

The course, organized by the Clinical Engineering team of the Albert Einstein Hospital, brings together professionals from other institutions.

Coordinated by the engineers Antonio Gibertoni Junior and Kleber Cardoso, this is a full day course, to be held on Saturday, May 4. Among the topics to be discussed are Site Planning: Points of Attention in the Project and in the Installation; Clinical Engineering Related to Information Technology, eHealth, Telemedicine, and Cybersecurity; and Radiological Protection: what care and challenges with the Brazilian law 453 MS.

The activity will invite representatives from State of the Art MRI Equipments, GE, Philips, Canon and Siemens. Check out the complete schedule – engineers can sign up at a discount.