Congress highlights

Interactive Sessions

They allow the audience to watch the lecturer's presentation, vote on diagnostic options to solve the case presented and see on the big screen, in a few seconds, what the correct answer is and the percentage of correctness and errors in the room. Voting - previously made only by equipment delivered at the door of the room - may also be done by the event app, using a tablet or smartphone. Check out the interactive lessons in the event program.

Cases of the Day Challenge

The Cases of the Day challenge takes place in the JPR first and second days. Each day, seven cases are presented on screens of the Cases of the Day Section, which is next to the SPR Member room, hall F, so that attendees can place their diagnoses.

To participate, simply review the presented cases and inform your diagnostic option. The result will always be released the day after the presentation of the cases, along with the names of the radiologists who gave the right answer.

How to participate?
1. Visit the Cases of the Day page in the JPR 2019 app or visit the Cases of the Day section next to the SPR Members room, hall F, to view the cases.
2. Through the app, give the diagnosis of each case published on the day.
3. In the following day, those who have succeeded will have their names on the screens of the Cases of the Day Section and the JPR 2019 app.