“Academic excellence in our practice”

JPR 2019

Dr. Claudia Huertas Duran is a radiologist at the CES University in Medellín, Colombia, Adjunct Professor of the Radiology Program at the University of Antioquia and at CES University.

She is also President of the Antioqueña Association of Radiology, zonal of the Colombian Association of Radiology, Department of Medical Radiology of Magnetic Resonance in body image at the Neurological Institute of Colombia, Neurological Escanography, Clínica Las Américas and Scientific Medical Consultant in Body Image at Dinamica IPS.

Many occupations? Yes! But she will have some time on the agenda to come and contribute to JPR 2019!

“I still have not had the opportunity to participate in JPR, and this will be the first time! The expectations and responsibility are very great given that the congress has a high status in academic quality and logistics organization. I was invited to participate in the gynecology module, frequent pathology topics with a practical approach to a radiology exercise of value to the patient,” she says.

She thinks that having speakers from several countries is an enriching way of forming a concept, not only of how the radiologist’s work is compared to other health systems, different clinical practices, different social and economic realities, but also to learn from other colleagues how to integrate, work for a common good for the profession: “We thus strive to achieve academic excellence in our daily practice and to have a global thought of our work as radiologists.”