11 de July de 2019

Check the JPR 2019 Awarded Papers

JPR 2019 Awarded Paper titles are now available for access. They are divided into: Scientific Papers – Digital Presentation – 1 Magna Cum Laudae; 5 Cum […]
5 de May de 2019
JPR 2020

361 days left for JPR 2020!

Yes, the São Paulo Radiological Meeting begins sooner next year – it will be held from April 30 to May 3, at the Transamerica Expo Center […]
5 de May de 2019

Study Group is reproduced in JPR

Dr. Luiz Antônio Portela awards prizes to the winners; from left: 1st place – Dr. Vanille Lopes Rodrigues; 2nd place -Thiago Augusto Vasconcelos Miranda; 3rd place […]
5 de May de 2019
JPR 2019

Cases of the Day reward the ones who made the most accurate diagnoses

The Activity Cases of the Day was carried out in the first two days of JPR; eight cases per day were presented in the section monitors […]
5 de May de 2019
JPR 2019

Chest receives Dr. Alvaro Huete, from Chile

The Chest module, presented in room O, featured a lecture by Dr. Alvaro Huete, from Chile, on “Pulmonary Hypertension” yesterday. The professor spoke again today about […]
5 de May de 2019

Dr. Marcelo Gálvez addresses Epilepsy

The Neuroradiology module received yesterday the president of the Chilean Society of Radiology (SOCHRADI), Dr. Marcelo Gálvez, an old partner of SPR. The professor led the […]